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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 11, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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win. and zim hits a home run right after he wins. the curse is off. >> reporter: teddy sure looked confident today. as they say in baseball, he can bring it. >> teddy did win yesterday and the nats lost so maybe we should go back to the old ways. plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news. it continues right now. continu good morning to you. live look outside right now at the washington monument. it is thursday, 10-11-12. that is nice. >> i'm wisdom martin. sarah simmons has the day off. >> i'm allison seymour. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> tucker barnes is also here to talk about weather. tuck tuck is in a bad mood. >> they'll come back.
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>> there are people all over washington going i'm late. allison's voice. >> no, no, no, sarah is off. it is only 5:00 in the morning. >> go back to bed for two hours. >> you're good. >> we're nice and quiet. going to be a beautiful day. temperatures are going to be cooler than yesterday. yesterday, about 70. today only about 60. get ready for a cooler day than yesterday. should be lots of sunshine. if you are headed to the game this afternoon. nice and dry for the start of the game at 4:00. again, there you go, looking at the satellite picture, got some clouds in upstate new york. that is about it. check out these cold temperatures. here in washington, we are now 52. look what is lurking offer to the west. we're in the going to get this cold. columbus, ohio this morning, 28 degrees. yeah, detroit, 31. yeah, here we go. high temperatures around here will only top out in the upper 50s to about 60 later. so kids dim want to bring along a jacket today. it will be a cool one. you can see much of the area
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only in the upper 50s. 59 in leonardtown and 58 in manassas for a daytime high. >> brrr! >> yeah, a little cool. >> time now to say hello to julie wright. how is the morning commute? >> look at you. now you're all settled down. allison is there. >> did i miss something? >> yeah, some shenanigans happening this morning. >> i'm herenow. >> that's right. crack that whip, girl. 212 west of i-95 for an incident. they are busy cleaning that up. we have a utility pole knocked down at the scene. traffic flowing freely on the outer and inner loop of the beltway with no problems to report. you will find 66, overnight construct was tying up a lane in each direction. no problems reported between fair oaks and the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. new this morning, we begin with breaking news from baltimore. five people are dead, two others injured after a fire in
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northeast baltimore. we are told that crews arrived to the scene just after 2:00 a.m. four children and an adult were killed actually second aconsult escaped by jumping through a window. that person along with a firefighter were taken to the hospital. investigators are working to find out the cause. a man whose lawyers say he was mentally ill has been put to death in texas. jonathan green died by lethal injection late last night. he was convicted for the rape and murder of a 12-year-old girl back in 2000. green proclaimed he was innocent during his last statement. lawyers had argued that green hadal louis nations which made him ineligible for the death penalty. at least two construction workers are dead and nine are injured following a parking garage collapse in miami. one worker was pulled alive from the rubble overnight, 13 hours after the collapse. another worker is still missing inside. the national zoo says it will announce today the final
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word on what killed the giant panda cub. the cub died six days after its birth. the mother alerted panda keepers to the problem by make a distress snow and ice -- a distress noise but they couldn't save the cub. the vice presidential candidates are debating tonight. paul ryan and joe biden will square off in their one and only match-up. some say both sides are putting a lot of effort into tonight's event. republicans want to continue their winning streak after last week. the mother of a navy seal who was killed in the recent consulate attack in lib yays calling on mitt romney to stop talking about her son on the campaign trail. romney says he will respect her wishes and will not tell voters about sharing christmas dinner
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with him two years ago. a former aide to the mayor of d.c. is sentenced to probation as part of the corruption probe into the mayor's 2010 campaign. a judge gave howard brooks two years of probation for lying to investigators about payments that were made from the gray campaign to another candidate, suleiman brown. of his a minor candidate in the mayoral race two years ago. prosecutors say he was paid to stay in the race. ay in the rac -- he was a minor candidate in the mayoral race two years ago. our nationals have their backs against the wall. cardinals won game three yesterday 8-0. >> the loss hasn't dampened the spirit of the nats fans. melanie alnwick has more on the series and the impact on metro. >> reporter: yesterday's crowd
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here was 45,017. they say that was 107% full. i'm sure there will be plenty of fans lined up this morning to get one of standing room only tickets for today's game. washington fans were waving their home colors and cheered like crazy as the nationals took the field for the historic first play offgame at home. but the world series champion st. louis cardinals had plans of making some history of their own. the cards quickly took control of the game racking up eight runs before it was all over. the nats just not able to connect when it counted, stranding 11 men on base during those tough nine innings. the cards get the shutout 8-0. after the game, tens of thousands of disappointed fans streamed for the gates and for metro. extra list and smfers are on the platforms to keep things running smoothly. rail is definitely the transportation choice of most people coming down to nationals park. -- extra police and officers are on the platforms to keep
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things running smoothly. >> every time we come to the came, we use metro. >> it is often reich this at the end? >> absolutely. >> i don't have to get anywhere right away. so it's okay. it kind of helps me get over what happened in there. >> reporter: now, today's game should let out the tail end of rush hour. today, the game should not be letting out until after 7:00 so there should be a the bit of relief there. metro is reminding passengers, if they want to avoid some of the lines, make sure you write this down, that you can use the new jersey avenue entrance to the green line or walk less than a mile north of here to the capital south station. just a few tips. they also say if you are coming down to the game today, make sure you have your metro fare prepaid. that way you don't have to wait in two lines. >> thank you very much. high drama and heart break
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in game three last night between the orioles and yankees. the os led 2-1 in the ninth when raul ibanez pinch hit for a-rod and hit a home run. he then hit the winning run in the 12th. more worries about the meningitis outbreak. up next, another case in our area. now, a call for action on capitol hill. >> plus a deadly shooting near a local university. we are checking more headlines coming up next. we'll be back.
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making headlines this morning, in northeast d.c., police say they are looking for whomever shot and killed a man in broad daylight. the map was shot on eighth street near florida avenue yesterday afternoon right next to gallaudet university. police haven't said whether the victim was a student at the university. fairfax county police believe a serial groper has struck again. this is a stretch of the suspect. the latest case involved a 25- year-old woman who says she was walking near the commerce street bus stop when a man walked up behind her, grabbed her and groped her. police say it is the sixth case
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they're investigating. in this morning's health alert. twelve people have now died from the fungal men initis outbreak and health officials in maryland report another case in the state. -- the fungal meningitis outbreak. the c dc says there are 135 cases of the illness nationwide with deaths in 10 states. controversy at a nursing home. up next, mass suspensions involving one rape. we'll explain. plus a police bus at a local home. the husband cuffed. but was it all one big mistake because of something that happened in the check-out aisle? that is also coming up. >> it is nice and cool out there. temperatures falling into the 40s. it will be a cool thursday but we'll be expecting lots of sunshine. i'll have the details on the weather and julie wright has the traffic right after the break. [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions
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live look outside right now. this is the oxon hill area at 5:15 in the morning. we'll get an update on traffic and weather coming up in just a minute. it is a bittersweet ending for coca-cola lovers as probucks of the 6.5-ounce returnable bottles has ended. a small coke bottler in minnesota that filled the bottles says it no longer makes sense to do so from a business
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standpoint. about 6,000 of the tiny bottles were filled for the last time. the bottles were first made in 1948. >> 6.5. that is a nice the amount of soda every now and then with the throwback glasses, the coke. >> i remember that when i was a kid. >> it was fun, right? >> it was fun. probably why i got all of these cavities. >> this is the bad teeth crew. >> our dentists stay very happy. >> yes, they do. >> let me get to the weather. it is cool outside. >> okay. >> nice and cool. temperatures back in the 40s. we are in the low 50s here in town. it will be a nice-looking day when you look out your window, bright sunshine. it will be on the cool side with highs only about 60. get ready for a bit of a cooldown after yesterday. here we go. baltimore, 48 degrees. we are 52 here in town. off to the north and to the west, temperatures currently hanging out in the 40s. remember yesterday, a few of us touched the upper 30s.
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i think they'll get there again in the next hour or two. 42 for you and 43 in winchester. looking at our satellite-radar. we are generally going to be clear. should be a nice sunrise for you. today will be nice and quiet with a nice sunrise expected. high pressure out to the west so keep things on the sunny side today but on the cool side. we'll have that northwest flow today. yesterday, as mentioned, our daytime high was about 70. today, we'll struggle into the upper 50s and low 60s but you can see we don't have a whole lot of rain on the map and we're not expecting any rain any time soon. i think our next chance for any shower activity won't arrive until early next week. nice and cool today. high pressure right overhead so a cool start to your day. later this afternoon we'll only warm up into the upper 50s to 60 as mentioned. the next cold front comes through tomorrow. should come through dry. if we've got baseball later this afternoon, nice and sunny for it. if we've got baseball again tomorrow, we should be just fine. i'm counting on baseball
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tomorrow. we should be just fine. sunshine on thursday and friday. 62 today. mostly sunny skies. a few clouds, cool overnight, winds south and west at five. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. next couple of days featuring plenty of sunshine. a few more clouds tomorrow with that cold front but a nice start to your weekend with temperatures on saturday about 64. let me mention we do warm opportunity a little bit by sunday at 72. let's do some traffic and gettette latest from julie wright. >> good morning. right now on the roads, it is kind of quiet. volumes increasing around town but with no incidents reported, if you are traveling eastbound along 66 coming in from nutley street to the beltway, nice, easy flow continuing inbound towards the capital beltway. the beltway is running smoothly between annandale and merrifield. you will find yourself at speed along northbound i-95 coming in out of stafford. no trouble spots to report on 395 headed out to the 14th street bridge. traffic flowing freely each way at the wilson bridge coming
5:19 am
inbound. no trouble spots to report out of clinton along route 5. southbound 270, still an easy go for those continuing southbound headed out towards clarksburg and germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. a maryland couple claimed their home was ransacked by police and they were wrongly linked to a crime. officers were looking for items bought with a stolen credit card. the couple is now cleaning up from the damage of the forced entry and fox 5's karen gray houston has more of the story. >> reporter: this is the damage police did when they forced their way into the crofton town home of jennifer and randy staley. >> i told officers they could have called me. i would have let them in the house to search. they didn't have to use a battering ram. >> reporter: police won't name suspects or say what they found but tell us out judge issued the search warrant for probable cause. >> they have misconstrued this whole situation.
5:20 am
>> reporter: the search warrant is for a tv, a playstation, a toys r us member rewards card and credit and debit cards that had been stolen from and l.a. fitness gym. >> i have no stolen credit cards. >> reporter: are you ever been a member of the l.a. fitness? >> never been a member. never been there. >> reporter: back on september 27th, mrs. staley went to the toys r us in annapolis to buy legos for annapolis. >> the clerk said are you a rewards member? i said yes, my husband is. he said i could look you up by your phone number. >> she rattled off her phone number and thinks the customer behind more might have used her number. >> i'm a guy with a credit card that i stole. why do i want a discount? >> right. it is not. it is to link the transaction to someone else. >> reporter: she says to throw
5:21 am
the cops off the trail. the search warrant the couple has says surveillance video shows randy staley's jeep cherokee and him getting into it. >> but they don't have all the facts correct. that was not my vehicle. it wasn't my tag number that they saw. >> reporter: karen gray houston, fox 5 news. her husband arrived during the search. he was hand can you everred. still, no charges have been filed against the couple. the couple is talking to the lawyer now. they say they want their good name back. this is a very bizarre story. a woman living in a michigan nursing home claims she was raped by a black man so the nursing home suspended every black man working there. police are still investigating the assault but the manager refused to say why every black man working there was suspended. >> like i said, we don't have a statement at this time. you will have to leave, i'm sorry. >> can you just at least give us an explanation as to why you
5:22 am
would suspend every black man. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: the owner is a black man himself and assures fox that they would have taken the same approach for a suspect was a white male or a woman. he says once an employee is ruled out as a suspect, they will be brought back to work. a movie about a rescue mission disguised as a movie. did i say that right? >> yes. we are talking about that new film called argo. ben affleck talked to our audrey barnes about that. stay with us. we'll be right back. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs.
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>> so you want to come to hollywood and ask like a big shot without actually doing anything. >> yeah. >> you'll fight right in. >> all right. there is already oscar buzz about the new movie argo opening tomorrow. it is directed by ben affleck who is also starring in the movie. >> affleck and men of the headliners were there last night. >> reporter: actor-director ben affleck was beaming at the d.c. premiere of his latest work argo at the theater. his wife, jennifer garner, was here. argue osceola base on the real- life rescue mission to free six americans from tehran at the
5:26 am
height of the hostage crisis in 1980 when militants stormed the u.s. edmonton bassy in iran. she slipped away and hit out at the home of the canadian ambassador. the cia turns to exfiltration specialist tony mendez to come up with a plan to free them. he concocts a scheme to make a fake movie so he can leave with the americans as phony crew members. >> it's story about two governments that work together to save lives. it is a thrilling story. it is a nail biter. it is a comedy. the essence of it is it is true. >> brian cranston was thrilled to be part of this. >> it's victory and in an institution that has been maligned often and they do great work. this is -- there is cause for celebration in this.
5:27 am
>> reporter: the real tony men mendez was at the premiere. >> the ci. a decided to celebrate their 50th anniversary. they wanted me to give away the secret so i did reluctantly. but it is working out. >> reporter: it is more than just working out of there is plenty of oscar buzz about argo already for affleck as both actor and director. he isn't ready to pop the cork on the champagne just yet. >> does all the oscar buzz make you nervous before the film even premieres. >> i tell what you makes me nervous is i'm hungry. i have to get some popcorn before i fall over. >> reporter: argo hits theaters nationwide friday. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> love how he shut that
5:28 am
interview down. >> i got to get some popcorn. >> kevin will be in tomorrow to talk about argo. if you had somebody portray you in a movie who, would you have portray you. >> the rock. >> what would that be based on? >> he is i little bit smaller than i am. >> i'm going to go with it. >> what about you? >> i'll have alfre woodard play me. she is a very good actress. >> i was thinking more like halle berry. >> oh, thank you very much. >> let's switch gears from to us sports. nine innings from elimination or nine innings from force ago decisive game five. >> melanie alnwick is following our big story. the nats, of course. >> good morning. we are hoping there will be a game five for the washington nationals and that fans will be coming back to the park for more this afternoon. they are hopeful the team will
5:29 am
be in top form when they take the field at 4:07. we'll tell you what is in store for the team as well as metro riders when fox 5 morning news [ barack obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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welcome back, everybody. it is shaky outside today.
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>> shaky ground. >> shaky. it is 10-11-12 today. what. >> what does that mean? >> that means the nationals are going to win. we have been waiting. >> this is all for drama. big loss yesterday. big win today. >> right and then the big win on friday. >> this is how -- a good weekend. >> this is how cinderella stories are made. >> the 11th, they're going to win appear the 12th is for the 12th they are going to win. >> the giants and as too. >> just more excitement. >> all right. i feel better. not really. let's get to your radar and we're nice and quiet. i want to kick it off with the temperatures because it makes me happy to see wisdom suffer and 52 in washington. check out columbus. 27degrees. >> i know. glad i don't live there. >> 31 in detroit this morning. >> glad i don't live there.
5:33 am
>> allison, binghamton, 37. >> all right. >> there is a chunk of cold air off to the north and west and we are getting a little taste of t later today, we'll warm up to about 60 degrees. it will be cooler than yesterday. not expecting rain showers today. yesterday, we had the fog early. i don't think we'll see much fog. there will be a few clouds passing through but generally sunny skies. if you are going to the nationals game later, you want to bring a jacket. we'll be probably in the low 50s by the end of the game. there is your forecast today. lots of sunshine. highs about 60 degrees. >> thank you. julie wright, how is the commute? >> not too bad. a little busy. things are shape up on the top stretch of the beltway to become interesting this was where we have reports of the utility pole that is down on the outer loop of the beltway as you make your way over to 355. right now, southbound 270, not too much trouble to talk about as you continue south of 109. traffic flowing freely here. the outer loop of the beltway, off the ramp from the outer loop of the beltway to exit at 355, so far, no backup here to
5:34 am
report. whatever incident we have here at 355, you will roll up on it at speed so be warned. inner loop looks great. no problems reported from 270 around towards new hampshire avenue. eastbound on 66, frank volume building out of manassas but still nice and clear right now leaving vienna headed toward the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. more now on the breaking news we've been following from northeast baltimore. five people are dead and three others injured after fire tore through a rowhouse. fire crews were called to the scene just after 2:00 a.m. four children, ages one to seven were killed along with their grandmother. another adult escaped by jumping through a window. two firefighters were hurt including one who fell from a second floor down to the basement. investigators were still working to find the cause. d th also making headlines this morning, the national zoo says it will announce today the final word on what killed the giant panda cub. the cub was born september 16th and died six days later.
5:35 am
its mother, mei xiang, alerted panda keepers to a problem by making a particular distress noise but they couldn't save the cub. preliminary testing shows that the cub had liver abnormalities and fluid in its abdomen. the fans came out with a bang for game three against the cardinals but the players fizzed. >> the nats have their backs against the wall and it is a must-win situation today. melanie alnwick is live this morning with the story. >> reporter: nats fans are open hoping it's whole different team that takes the field this afternoon. after a truly amazing season and one that started off with the amazing win down in st. louis and the first game of the playoffs against the cardinals, getting shut out by another team was not the way they wanted to kick things off if the first home playoff game in
5:36 am
franchise history. washington fans waved their home colors and cheered like crazy as the nationals took to the field for the first historic playoff game at home. but the world series play offchampions st. louis cardinals had plans of their own. the nationals not able to connect when it counted stranding 11 men on base during those tough nine innings. the fans are disappointed but still hopeful. >> that is the way it is. it's baseball. they had a good season though, you know. i respect that, know. i still think strasbourg should have pushed a game for us. >> where is the nattitude? >> the fans brought t. >> of course, i'm hope. you have to be hopeful always to the last out. >> reporter: after the game, tens of thousands of fans streamed for the gates and for metro. rail is definitely the transportation choice of most people coming down to the ballpark and back home again.
5:37 am
have police and vfers are on the platform to keep things running smoothly. metro does not expect to have quite the same crush that the it had yesterday. yesterday, the game got out around 5:00 in the afternoon. 4: 07 game time means most fans will be coming down before rush hour begins and leaving after it or at the tail end of it. thank you, melanie. the orioles also have their backs against the wall after losing a heartbreaker against the yankees. the os led 2-1 in the ninth and then raul ibanez pick. hit for a-rod and blasted the game-tying home run. i hit the game winning homer in the 12th the yankees lead the series two games to one. they were almost there. it hurts. a big change for one fast food company but not with the food itself.
5:38 am
>> up next, details of what or who is getting a touch-up for the first time in decades. stay with us. 
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a report was released accusing him of using performance enhancing drugs during his career. it names 11 formerly teammates as witnesses. armstrong's lawyers call the findings a one-sided hatchet job. the head of international monetary fund is calling for urgent action to tackle the european debt crisis. he is taping the g-2347 tokyo along with fed chief ben bernanke and treasury secretary tim geithner. she told the other finance ministers and others at the meeting that they have to spur czech growth. u.s. foreclosure filings have hit a five-year low in september. a report by the foreclosure listings firm says the number of homes beginning the foreclosure process fell 12% from august and 15% from a year ago. this is the second consecutive month there has been a decline. well, after 30 years, fast food chain wendy's is getting a
5:42 am
new look for its logo. the new logo was create in hopes of branding itself as a high end hamburger chain. the recognizable girl in red pigtails appears more mature. and the font has changed. we're checking in on weather and traffic in just a moment. stay with us. we'll be right back. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
5:43 am
when presidident obama couldn'. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china,
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and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news on friday eve. >> i thought you were going to say it's friday and i was all ready to say it's just thursday. >> tucker barnes is here now to talk about our weather. a tinge of chill in the air. >> you can feel it a little bit, right? >> right. that begs the question, will we
5:46 am
need a jacket today at the nats game. >> you want to bring a jacket. not sure you want to wear it the whole time. if you are in the sun, you'll be okay for a little bit. >> if you are in a suite, air all right? >> i won't know about that, wisdom. >> you're always okay in the suites. >> 4:07 is the official first pitch. mostly sunny. first pitch around 60 and it will be falling into the mid others by the end of the game. it will feel kind of cool out there. areas in the shade as the sun starts to set, it will definitely start to feel a chill as the overnight low will fall back into the 40s again. so a rather cool day. remember yesterday, it was 70 during the game. today, about 10 degrees cooler. currently, it is cool. 52 in washington. 54 in annapolis and then lots of 40s off to the west and north. we've got generally clear skies. unlike yesterday, we had the fog. 43 in culpeper and winchester. i wouldn't be surprised if a
5:47 am
few places don't hit the upper 30s here in the next hour or so as some of the cool temperatures tonight here will be in the next hour. lots of sunshine expected. nice quiet weather pattern. look how quiet that is. not only are we expecting sunshine today but we are expecting sunshine for most of the weekend with a bit of a warming trend. so i mentioned the cool temperatures today. friday and saturday, we'll have highs in but by sunday afternoon, just in time for the redskin game, we should be back in the low 70s. we'll keep the 70s around here until early next week. nice, dry weather here for the foreseeable future. 62 today. mostly sunny skies. cool out there. winds north and west at five to 10. just a couple of clouds. it will be cool again overnight. 45 the overnight low. here yours accu-weather seven- day forecast. let's hope we keep the nationals around playing tomorrow. 67 tomorrow afternoon. should be a good one. saturday looks nice. a little warmer for the redskin game on sunday and maybe a few
5:48 am
showers on monday. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic. julie, did you watch the game yesterday? >> i listened to it. i listened to it. there was a lot of sad faces coming out yesterday afternoon. hopefully, we'll have a different outcome today. fingers crossed. from the outer loop of the beltway leaving connecticut avenue around to 355, that is where a car took out a utility pole at the end of that ramp. fire and relates could you units headed in this direction, be careful as you travel off the beltway to exit onto 355. you will find on the other side of town, lanes are open if you are continuing from fair oaks to the beltway. eastbound -- no trouble spots to report headed into the district. southbound kenilworth avenue looking great headed from eastern out towards pennsylvania avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. metro showing off a replica
5:49 am
of its latest railcars. metro says the new cars will be safer and stepping on and off of them will be quicker. the pressure is on metro to replace its oldest cars because the ntsb concluded they crumpled too easily in crashes. using federal and state money, metro will replace about a quart he have of its fleet at roughly $2 million each. metro's 0700 series railcars are designed to be safer than the old ones. they've done it all season. can they do it again? the washington nats with a must- win. can they stave off elimination? >> dave ross is live next with our sports breakfast. 
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5:52 am
dave ross is here now to talk a little bit about sports. >> good morning, you all. >> it was a rough night. >> it was a fun day. the game itself was tough. when you have a record crowd and you have over 45,000 people there and it is your first home playoff game in 79 years and the first ever for the nationals, you just wanted them to get off day good start. remember, the cardinals are the defending world champs for good reason. they've been there, done it before. you got this feel, it was so exciting and new. after they gave i'm run in the
5:53 am
first inning. here coz pete cosma. who? he tacks a deep shot. everything seems to go wrong. look at den danny espinoza. that is a great bunt. david freeze makes the play. jimmy joyce at first, umpire who has been? some bad calls in the past makes another one. espinoza is safe. mike allege morris with the based juice juiced. could have tied it. instead he flies out. everything that could go wrong went wrong yesterday. they lose 8-0. backs against the wall. the guys talked about their situation after the game. >> we're just missing pitches. that is the thing right now. we had some pitches to hit. and me and a couple of other guys missed some pitches.
5:54 am
that's baseball. >> put ourselves in this spot, not something we had planned on. but it is what it is. so we need to go out from the first pitch and be aggressive. >> just come out tomorrow and hopefully we can put a couple of early runs up and give our pitchers some leeway i guess you could say to go out there and attack their guys. >> all in all, we've done a great job all year. we've been a great team. we've played great baseball. we got a chance to prove that again tomorrow. >> early runs will be the key today for the nats. >> did you say up late to see the orioles? >> when manny machado did this, tucker barnes is going crazy. they are up 2-1. they got their closer who has 50 some-odd sieves, jimmy johnson. raul ibanez pinch hitting for alex rodriguez with snow one out in the ninth. in the 12th, it is that same
5:55 am
guy. like a carbon copy home run and they're going crazy probably right now still in the bronx. and this is why the yankees are the yankees. >> love them or hate them, they are what they are. >> figure out a way to rip your heart out. they have 27 world championships they are the top seed. inthe orioles are stunned today as they lose 3-2. i don't know what the right answer is. which way would you rather lose, 8-0 or 3-2, have your heart ripped out. rg iii had his head almost knocked off on sunday. good news is back at practice yesterday. he didn't do the full complement of drills but he did practice. effect seems to be on course for a sunday start against the viking who come in at 4-1. after what we witnessed yesterday with the birds and the nats, maybe rg iii, this is the good news of the day to pick us all up to get is back on the good foot.
5:56 am
barring any setbacks, he will start on sunday. >> you are talking about practice. not a game. talking about practice. >> sorry, had to get that out. >> 4:00 today, get out there. ross detwiler going. we are hoping he can kind of stabilize that rotation today and get some early runs. ryan zimmerman said it best. get some early runs early, get the pressure off the guys and maybe they can relax and play nats baseball. >> if we get to game five, gio gonzales is waiting in the wings. up next, does your teen have an iphone? we'll find out just how many teenagers have these high-tech gadgets. >> first, time for our facebook fan of the day. today, we say hello to carlisia
5:57 am
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